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Dan Ascanio is a Pop singer/songwriter and musician. Much of his inspiration arises from catchy melodies of Pop/Rock, playful rhythms of Reggae, while incorporating the smooth harmonies of Philly's soulful R&B.

Although an original blend, many fans typically describe him as a combination of Gavin Degraw, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, and Matchbox Twenty. Dan's fans who have seen him live will tell you why they keep coming back: To experience the sincerity, energy and uniqueness of each show.

Venues where I have performed:



Haverford music festival

reading radsport festival


The Note


Reverb Nightclub


Chaplin’s Spring City


Bear Creek Mountain Resort


Croc Rock


Kipona Fest Harrisburg






Private Events:


Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions






BCTV – Dreamer’s




Radio Play:


WHIP, Temple University’s Radio Station




Elizabethtown College Radio


WHAT COULD BE by Dan Ascanio

COME and GONE - The new EP

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Thanks for all the love and support for my new EP: COME and GONE!

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