Dan Ascanio BAND

Band Members

Matt Ettaro - Bass/Vocals

Jimmy Morganti - Guitar

Kevin Adams - Drums/Vocals

Micah Albrycht - Violin/Vocals

About The Band

The Dan Ascanio Band sizzles. With their unique combination of 90's and 2000's Pop and Rock sounds with hints of Latin/Soul, they stand out from other bands in the Philadelphia region. The group is fronted by Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Dan Ascanio, whose talent and passion for music is evident in every performance. The Dan Ascanio Band plays both original and cover songs, making them a unique and interesting choice for any event. Ascanio's smooth and expressive vocals pair perfectly with his tight rhythmic guitar playing. He is also accompanied by a talented group of musicians that add their own flavor and energy to the mix. Bassist Matt Ettaro and Drummer Kevin Adams both provide backup vocals and counter melodies which add texture and character to the band's sound. Guitarist Jimmy Morganti's soulful and bluesy solos are a crowd-pleaser, while Violinist Micah Albrycht's classically-trained violin playing fills out the mix to perfection. The band is known or their lush vocal harmonies and entertaining stage presence. Whether you're looking for a band to play at your event or just want to enjoy a great performance, the Dan Ascanio Band is the perfect choice.


Keep up with Dan on Instagram and learn more here: www.danascanio.com